Brian Small dba All Computer Services in Eureka, CA

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About me:

I have been supporting the industry since 1977. While in the Bay Area, I had a client base of over 400 individuals and businesses, including Levi Strauss in San Francisco, VISA's branch office in San Mateo, and Mills-Memorial Hospital in Millbrae.

Among my Humboldt County clients have been Aalfs Evans & Company, Holly Yashi, U.S. Bank, Six Rivers National Bank (now Tri-Counties Bank), St. Josephs and Jerold Phelps Community Hospitals, Eureka Police Department, Anderson Robinson Starkey Insurance, Shaw Petersen Insurance, several law firms, and a few hundred other businesses and individuals.

Update Oct 2016: I'm now largely retired, but I'm continuing to take on small jobs, because I enjoy the work. If I am not the one to help you, I will make every effort to direct you to someone who can.